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80KVA-650KVA Volvo engine diesel generator

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Walter diesel generator factory now could provide comprehensive stable power in all powering fields  (i.e Railway ,Mining ,Hospital ,Petroleum ,Petrifaction ,Communication ,Rental ,Government , Factories and Real Estate etc. )

Walter Generator--volvo generator take volvo engine as power ,with power range from 68kva to 500kva , Volvo in Sweden with more than 120 years' history, is an engine manufacturer with the longest history in the world. Up to the present, its engine filed products exceed 1 million sets ,  they are the ideal drive force of power generation sets. Volvo engines have high load capability as well as fast and reliable cold start performance.

For alternator brands, we have Stamford, Marathon and China brand alternator for customer choice freely.


1. strong power ,stable performance

2. high quality steel and paint craftwork

3. operation easy and safety  

4. simple fuel  refilling design

5. Deep sea DSE3110 control panel as standard, AMF Control Panel Deep sea DSE7320& Smart HGM6120 for Option, ATS for Option


1. EU emission standard

2. International Warranty Service

3. Short delivery time 

4. Factory direct sales generator set , Ensure quality and cheap generator price, make more profit end customers

5. With ISO9001 \ CE \ SGS \ BV certification

6. Diesel generators Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price

7. Perfect after-service network


50hz Technical Parameters

Generator ModelGengerator Prime Power Gengerator Standby PowerVolvo EngineVolvo EngineStamford AlternatorDetail Data
KVAKVAEngine ModelNew Engine ModelAlternator Model
W-VO85-185KVA94KVATD520GETAD530GEUCI 224Glearn more technical data
W-VO100-1100KVA110KVATAD531GETAD531GEUCI 274Clearn more technical data
W-VO130-1130KVA144KVATAD532GETAD532GEUCI 274Elearn more technical data
W-VO150-1150KVA165KVATAD731GETAD731GEUCI 274Flearn more technical data
W-VO188-1180KVA198KVATAD732GETAD732GEUCI 274Glearn more technical data
W-VO200-1200KVA220KVATAD733GETAD733GEUCI 274Hlearn more technical data
W-VO250-1250KVA275KVATAD734GETAD734GEUCD 274Klearn more technical data
W-VO325-1300KVA330KVATAD941GETAD1342GEHCI 444ESlearn more technical data
W-VO375-1350KVA385KVATAD1241GETAD1343GEHCI 444ESlearn more technical data
W-VO400-1400KVA450KVATAD1242GETAD1344GEHCI 444Flearn more technical data
W-VO450-1450KVA500KVATAD1640GETAD1345GEHCI 544Clearn more technical data
W-VO500-1500KVA550KVATAD1641GETAD1641GEHCI 544Dlearn more technical data
W-VO570-1550KVA605KVATAD1642GETAD1642GEHCI 544Dlearn more technical data
W-VO625-1600KVA660KVATAW1643GETWD1643GEHCI 544FSlearn more technical data

60hz Technical Parameters

Generator ModelGengerator Prime Power Gengerator Standby PowerVolvo EngineVolvo EngineStamford AlternatorDetail Data
KVAKVAEngine ModelNew Engine ModelAlternator Model
W-VO80-180KVA88KVATD520GETAD550GEUCI 224Flearn more technical data
W-VO100-1100KVA110KVATAD531GETAD551GEUCI 274Glearn more technical data
W-VO130-1130KVA143KVATAD532GETAD750GEUCI 274Dlearn more technical data
W-VO150-1150KVA165KVATAD731GETAD752GEUCI 274Flearn more technical data
W-VO200-1200KVA220KVATAD732GETAD753GEUCI 274Flearn more technical data
W-VO228-1228KVA250KVATAD733GETAD754GEUCI 274Glearn more technical data
W-VO350-1350KVA385KVATAD941GETAD1351GEHCI 444Clearn more technical data
W-VO400-1400KVA440KVATAD1241GETAD1353GEHCI 444ESlearn more technical data
W-VO450-1450KVA495KVATAD1242GETAD1354GEHCI 444FSlearn more technical data
W-VO500-1500KVA550KVATAD1640GETAD1650GEHCI 444Flearn more technical data
W-VO600-1600KVA660KVATAD1641GETAD1651GEHCI 544Clearn more technical data
W-VO650-1650KVA715KVATAW1643GETAW1653GEHCI 544Elearn more technical data

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