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60KVA-800KVA Shangchai engine diesel generator

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SHANGCHAI series diesel engine is a new model of Shangchai, the brand of diesel engine is "SDEC ",which is the environmental protection energy-saving product that designed and developed by SDEC, the advantages as following: 

1、High efficiency,low fuel consumption in the work area, minimum specific fuel consumption is 195 g/kw. h. 

2、High reliability, with the multinational heavy diesel engine design experience, engine fault interval up to an average of 4000 hours, average overhaul period is more than 12000 hours. 

3、Good emissions and meet the requirements of the road emissions Ⅱstage.

Standard Accessories of Shangchai generator set:

1.Shangchai engine

2.Walter alternator(china brand alternator for option)

3.DEEPSEA DSE3110 control panel

4.High quality base .

5.Anti-Vibration Mounted System

6.Battery and battery charger

7.Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose

8.Shangchai tools

Shangchai Set Generator Advantage: 

1. International Warranty Service

2. Strong power ,stable performance

3. Operation easy and safety  

4. SHANGCHAI GENRARTOR will be much easier to maintainance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life, so the cost performance is higher.

5. Factory direct sales generator set , Ensure quality and cheap generator price, make more profit end customers

6. With ISO9001 \ CE \ SGS \ BV certification

7. Diesel generators Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price


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W-S9090kva100kvaSC4H115D2WDQ274Clearn more technical data
W-S120120kva132kvaSC4H160D2WDQ274Dlearn more technical data
W-S150150kva167kvaSC4H180D2WDQ274Elearn more technical data
W-S160160kva178kvaSC8D220D2WDQ274Flearn more technical data
W-S180180kva198kvaSC7H230D2WDQ274Glearn more technical data
W-S250250kva278kvaSC9D310D2WDQ274Jlearn more technical data
W-S300300kva330kvaSC9D340D2WDQ314Dlearn more technical data
W-S350350kva385kvaSC12E460D2WDQ314Elearn more technical data
W-S400400kva440kvaSC15G500D2WDQ314Elearn more technical data
W-S500500kva556kvaSC25G610D2WDQ354Dlearn more technical data
W-S600600kva660kvaSC25G690D2WDQ354Elearn more technical data
W-S750750kva833kvaSC27G830D2WDQ404Blearn more technical data
W-S800800kva880kvaSC33W990D2WDQ404Clearn more technical data

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