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100kva cummins generator supplier philippines

The problem about Cummins diesel generator oil throwing

     Dumped oil is a failure all the units including Cummins diesel generator set, including all prone, mostly due to the customer does not correct lubrication caused. Units oil rejection occurs, the most obvious is the effect of internal lubrication between the various mechanical structure will be reduced, in addition, there are other hazards of oil threw it? Today Walter come for you to answer this question.100kva cummins generator supplier philippines

    When the crew dumped oil phenomenon occurs, it will form a layer of oil leakage in the generator stator coil outer surface, plus the unit itself has a very strong lubricating oil viscosity, this time in the stator coils will continue to adhere to the ventilation holes dust around the stator coil, as extended, dust radius increasing the running time on a combination of impurities and to form the corresponding stator coil blockage of ventilation holes, and makes the generator stator winding internal heat can not be effectively discharged, resulting in the accumulation of heat rise phenomenon, serious will affect the efficient and stable operation of the generator, but also damage the generator stator winding insulation level, comprehensive shorten the life of the stator coil, stator coil increase maintenance difficulty, causing the generator stator insulation levels drop, causing the generator stator coil single-phase or phase short circuit accident.100kva cummins generator supplier philippines

    When the generator set is dumped oil operating conditions, such as the impact of suddenly encountered abnormal load, etc., it will be in the generator stator coil will have a greater impact of the electromagnetic torque. In the joint action and dynamic effects of severe thermal effects, it may lead to a generator stator winding is damaged, single-phase ground fault occurs; also cause severe and appear stator coil phase fault occurs generator stator winding insulation damage to the generator enormous damage, increased occurrence generator bearing the risk of burn accident rate.100kva cummins generator supplier philippines

    Cummins diesel generator set harm dumped oil giant, in order to try to avoid the oil leakage occurs, in addition to pay attention to proper lubrication method, we have to pay attention to the process of the operation of the vibration unit size, if the shock is too large to be in time to find the vibration reasons, to avoid vibrations caused by dumped oil.