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2000kva diesel generator for sale philippines

The reasons for the start up of the diesel generator set

2000kva diesel generator for sale philippines

(1) measure whether there is a real power, generator replacement voltage meter.

(2) it will be automatically or manually.

(3) check and correct by the route map.

(4) a new generator or a longer period of time without the machine easily. May screen recharge button magnetizing control, or can be used 12V battery on the magnetization of the excitation winding, a positive pole is connected with F1, connects to the cathode of the F2 if still unable to establish voltage the battery positive and negative exchange and try again.

(5) cleaning ring surface grinding, end surface of the brush and slip ring with arc surface area greater than 70% to strengthen the spring pressure.

(6) cleaning brush and brush brush can move freely to hold.

(7) using a universal meter to check the positive and negative resistance of the diode, such as the replacement of the damaged.

(8) with the use of a table check, if the reverse resistance does not meet the requirements of the diode characteristics replacement.2000kva diesel generator for sale philippines

(9) diesel generator with a multimeter 1K file to check if the winding resistance, infinite, and should be switched on. In the 1 European archives check, if the resistance is zero replacement or processing winding. If not stable, check the connection is loose.