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The maintenance points of small quiet type diesel generator

The price of small diesel generating set is much lower than the large unit, but concerning the stability of the electricity, you should pay more attention to the daily maintenance of small units. Small quiet type diesel generator is a kind of independent power generation equipment, mainly to provide emergency power supply during blackout. In fact, most of the time the unit is in standby state, it has less chance to be put into use, is priority to test running at ordinary times, lack of detection and maintenance. But the emergency standby power is indispensable. How to do the generator in circumstance of less-used, the emergency power can supply in time with safe and reliable operation and following the end of power outage immediately.

Firstly, the battery pack. Due to the standby power supply is not usually put into use, the generator whether can boot normal or not, the key lies in the maintenance of the battery. The problems such as the battery pack, the common situation is that is has voltage and no current, then start the motor could heard the sound of the solenoid valve with fixed axis inside. There are 3 reasons of battery problems which lead to the unit can’t stop: 1. During commissioning with the method of stop for the battery can lead to inadequate battery. 2. Adopt mechanical oil pump by the belt transmission, under the rated speed of oil pump is very large, lack of battery power supply, lead to stop the shut off valve spring leaf due to electromagnetic valve in the suction is not and cannot be shut out of the four oil hole jet fuel. 3. Domestic battery life is two years,  without change on a regular basis.

Secondly, start the solenoid valve. When generator is running, it comes to the conclusion a set of inpection methods is that "observe, listen, touch, smell". Listening is a very important step. For example, original Cummins generators in the United States, you can start the generator just press the start button after 3 seconds. Two "clicking" sound in this three seconds can be heard. Once you can’t hear the second ring, check if the electromagnetic valve is working correctly. The generator cannot start when the electromagnetic coil burn out of course.

Thirdly, checking of diesel oil and lubricating oil. For a long period of static unit, the unit is with the oil of various materials, including cooling water, diesel oil, air .These result in complex chemical and physical reaction, which will prejudice the unit. So you should pay attention to oil problem. For fire protection, we usually put diesel fuel tank in a closed room. Because of the atmosphere water vapor condensation occur in account of the change of temperature, forming the water flow into the diesel which attached to the tank wall finally. The diesel fuel moisture content exceeds bid, the diesel oil into diesel engine high pressure oil pump, will rust precision coupling --, plunger, which is a serious damage to the unit. Generator of lubricating oil is a shelf life, long time storage, The oil change of physical and chemical properties of lubricating will cause the unit work lubrication condition deteriorates, is easy to result in the damage of generator parts.