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How to choose diesel generating sets

Unit capacity and the Numbers should be based on the emergency load and input sequence and the largest single electric motor starting capacity determined comprehensively.When emergency load is bigger, more machine can be used in parallel, the unit sets appropriate for 2 ~ 4. With restrictions it can supply implement partition power. When the electricity load harmonic is larger, you should consider its influence on generator.

In the stage of plan and preliminary design, diesel generator can be according to the distribution transformer capacity estimation of 10% ~ 20% of the total capacity.In construction drawing design stage, according to the level of load, fire load and some important secondary load capacity, according to the following method to calculate the maximum capacity of the set.1)According to the stability of generator load calculation capacity 2)According to the largest single electric motor or the need of group motor start to calculate the generator capacity; 3) press the start motor, generator bus voltage allows the calculation of generator capacity.

When the elevator load, the maximum capacity of cage motor full voltage start, generator bus voltage should not be less than 80% of the rated voltage value; When no elevator load, the busbar voltage should not be less than 75% of the rated voltage. When conditions permit, motor step-down starting way can be used.

When more units, you should choose type, specification and features of the same unit and form a complete set of equipment.