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Volvo diesel generator set in the desert sand

Desert power relatively backward, the help of the power supply often need to set diesel generators, when use in desert, there is a problem must pay more attention to, that is how to prevent the sand.Walter will tell you how to take the sand prevention.

Desert is windy, if you don't do sediment control measures, is likely to hinder the normal use of Volvo diesel generator set, even cause units wear, shorten life, so do a good job in Volvo diesel generator set of sand prevention measures is necessary.Add sediment control measures for Volvo diesel generator set is mainly aimed at the unit into the wind side, also is the inlet valve, unit into the wind itself has an air filter in the filter, but it can only meet in the general environment.Volvo diesel generator set of air filter position a fine mesh gauze cap and effective dust, so as to avoid dust sucked into the body in great quantities, cause Volvo diesel generator set early wear and tear.

Some customers worry about desert perennial water, bid temperature difference between day and night weather will damage the generator, Walter  promise here, as long as the equipment complete sets of sand prevention and protection measures, management personnel of the bad weather will not be for Volvo diesel generator set performance impact.