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40 kva perkins generator price in nigeria

Fault analysis of diesel generator set(1)

     Cummins diesel generator set in long time after operation,often there will be aging unit parts,with the gap is too large, and so on,these failures should cause the user's attention.In this paper, we will analyze and recommend the relevant analysis and suggestion on how to reduce the failure rate and some typical failures.40 kva perkins generator price in nigeria

     Fault 1: oil pressure low

Cummins diesel generator in operation,low oil pressure will cause the units of poor lubrication,if the line blocked will appear in cylinder, cylinder hold, bearing clearance is too large and so on,directly affect the normal use of Cummins diesel generator set.

Associated with Cummins diesel generator set low oil pressure and mainly the following aspects:

(1) cooling system: oil cooler clogging; the radiator core external space blocked.

(2) the lubrication system: the oil filter is dirty; the oil suction pipe is blocked; the oil pressure regulator fails.40 kva perkins generator price in nigeria

(3) the mechanical adjustment and repair; the bearing clearance is improper; the engine needs to be repaired; the main bearing or connecting rod bearing damage.

(4) the use of maintenance: Engine overload; oil should be replaced on time, to ensure that the correct use of oil filter. Only in accordance with the correct method of maintenance to ensure the normal use of the unit.