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Fault analysis of diesel generator set(2)

     Fault two: cooling fluid not cycle

10kva generator suppliers sri lanka
     Cummins diesel generator operation often encountered in the cooling liquid not cycle condition,which includes a large circulation, no small circulation,or there is a small circulation and no large circulation,lead unit cylinder temperature rises quickly, the temperature caused by the sudden stop phenomenon,directly affect the safe use of Cummins diesel generator set.
10kva generator suppliers sri lanka     There are several aspects of the causes of the cooling liquid not circulating:

(1) the heat sink of the diesel generator set is blocked or damaged. Cooling fan is not up to the role of the heat sink, so that the cooling liquid temperature drop, heat sink, causing leakage of liquid, can also cause bad circulation.

(2) diesel generator sets the thermostat failure. The engine combustion chamber with a thermostat, the purpose is to control the engine combustion chamber temperature, thermostat must be fully opened in the specified temperature (82 degrees) to help small cycle, if there is no thermostat, coolant can not maintain the temperature, may produce a low temperature alarm.

(3) diesel generating units in the cooling system mixed with air, causing the pipeline is not smooth, the expansion tank suction valve, exhaust valve damage also directly affect the cycle, then should always check their pressure value is in accordance with the provisions of the suction pressure is 40kpa, the exhaust pressure is 10KPA, in addition to the flow of the exhaust pipe is also an important reason for the impact of circulation.

(4) the coolant level is too low or not to meet the requirements of the diesel generator set. Level is too low can be a direct result of the coolant temperature increases the cooling fluid circulation, cooling liquid in accordance with the regulations is 50% antifreeze + 50% water softening +DCA4, if not meet provisions will be caused by pipeline blockage, rust in the tube wall, the cooling liquid can not be normal cycle.

(5) diesel generator set water pump failure. Check if the pump is good, if the pump drive shaft wear and tear off the limit shows that the pump has not played a role, need to be replaced after the normal.