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What parts of the Cummings generator sets are not suitable for lubricating oil

     We all know that the regular Cummings generator set on the oil can reduce the wear and tear of parts to extend the service life, but in fact, there are some parts of the unit does not need to be coated with lubricating oil, and even the oil will also play a role in the anti - oil, so that some parts of the power generating units do not need to smear the lubricating oil it? Here's a brief introduction to the engineer.500kva perkins generator price in nigeria

     Cummings generating sets of dry cylinder, if the dry cylinder liner coated with lubricating oil, may cause the generator to overheat, thus affecting its normal work. Because the engine is working at the temperature of the engine, the cylinder liner will be subjected to thermal expansion, but the cylinder block is due to cold water temperature and low temperature, expansion is smaller. The outer surface of the dry type cylinder is close to the top of the hole, which is conducted in the heat conduction. The outer surface of the cylinder is coated with butter, which prevents the two surfaces of good contact.

     Cylinder head and cylinder pad daub lubricating oil sealing reinforcement outweigh the benefits, after fastening the cylinder head, that part of the lubricating oil is extruded outside the cylinder and waste, another part will be squeezed into the cylinder. When the generator works, the lubricating oil will be evaporated at high temperature, and the product is located at the top of the cylinder piston. Elevated temperature of diesel generating sets, the cylinder head and the cylinder head gasket, cylinder body surface area of a layer of oil will disappear, the cylinder head nut to loose, resulting in leakage, leakage, straight flush air bad, may also be due to the high temperature, butter coking, the cylinder head, cylinder pad is not easy to disassemble.500kva perkins generator price in nigeria

     Walter in the process of generating unit maintenance training, for the above elements will be stressed, so as to avoid the customer to maintain the error, if you have no understanding of the above contents of the place, you can contact Walter engineer or sales manager, the technical staff will be dedicated to serve you.