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7.5 kva silent generator price in india

What harm does the cooling water improperly treated of diesel generator set?

     Cummins generator sets, domestic diesel generator set operations, we are very concerned about the problem of cooling water,7.5 kva silent generator price in india

     Operate under inadequate cooling water or cooling water, oil temperature is too high. Diesel generator cooling water shortage will reduce its cooling effect, due to the lack of effective cooling diesel engine overheat; cooling water, oil is too high, can cause the diesel engine to overheat. In this case diesel generators of the cylinder head, the main heating cylinder liner, piston valves and other components and load, such as a sharp decline in strength, toughness, and other mechanical properties, so that part deformation increased, decreased with the gap between the parts, accelerated mechanical wear and tear so serious that it cracks, mechanical stuck fault. Diesel generator overheating will deteriorate diesel combustion process, so that the injector malfunction, poor atomization, coke increased.

    Furthermore, in the case of the operation of oil shortage is everyone possible has always taken the approach, so that the equipment is great harm, increase friction, causing pull-cylinder or bush-burning problems, so some people think that the wrong approach has been taken for granted for a timely corrected, it is very important.7.5 kva silent generator price in india