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Three maintenance of diesel generator set filter method is not desirable

     Filter can remove the impurities in the diesel oil, in the operation of the diesel generating set plays a vital role in the process. Many customers is very aware of the importance of the maintenance of diesel generator set filter, in practical applications, due to the lack of professional knowledge, easy to enter some of the erroneous maintenance today Walter engineers is for everyone to introduce three undesirable maintenance Cummins generator group filter cleaner method.address of generators manufature in canada

1, some users in the maintenance of diesel filter, the filter of the upper and lower rubber seal and the oil cover, so that the oil does not pass through the filter, and the filter from the filter and the gap between the cover without resistance flow into the filter chamber, so that the diesel filter loss of filtration purification.address of generators manufature in canada

2, some users will diesel filter tray and the position of the spring upside down, and even throw them away, so that the oil filter cover on the import and export of oil hole in an open state, the diesel was not filtered and directly into the fuel injection pump.

3, some people in the maintenance of diesel fuel filter, the filter, found its internal and filter is particularly clean without a bit of impurities and moisture, that is, the use of diesel is very clean. As everyone knows, this is a false impression, is due to the filter filter paper material porosity, and caused by large pores, and this time, the filter paper is not played a role in filtering. If found in the use of the process of diesel engine fuel system three precision coupling parts, especially of plunger pair wear serious, it may be caused by poor quality filter.address of generators manufature in canada