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Why the use of diesel generating sets to limit the elevation


     In the information of the previous diesel generating sets, the use of the environmental aspects of the diesel generator set, which involved the use of the limit, many netizens asked: why the use of units to limit the elevation? The engineer will Henry below for everyone to answer.china generator suppliers in bangladesh

     The higher the altitude, the lower the local air pressure, the air is thin, the oxygen content is small, then the natural gas suction type diesel engine, due to the lack of air intake and combustion conditions become poor, diesel engine can not reach the normal power.

     With the increase of the sea level, the environment temperature is lower than the plain area, the average increase of 1000m, the ambient temperature is about 0.6 degrees Celsius, and the air is thin, so the starting performance of the diesel engine is worse than the plain area. When the user is in use, it should be taken with the low temperature starting corresponding auxiliary starting measures.china generator suppliers in bangladesh

     In addition, due to the rise of sea water, the boiling point of water decreases, and the air pressure and cooling air quality decreases, and the cooling system of the cooling system is better than that of the plain. Generally in the high sea area is not suitable for the use of open cooling cycle, can be used to increase the pressure of the closed cooling system to improve the use of the plateau cooling liquid boiling point.

     So, if the use of diesel generating units in special areas of the region, the general unit is certainly not applicable, we should be in the purchase of the sales staff should be consulted.china generator suppliers in bangladesh