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An analysis of oil leakage in diesel generator sets

     Diesel generating units sometimes appear in the oil leakage, especially in some domestic brands of diesel generator sets, oil leakage often occurs, then how do we analyze the oil spill site, and then solve the problem? Diesel generator set for you to introduce the following solutions:125 kva generator set supplier malaysia

1, oil pressure is too high, but also caused by static joint oil leakage.

2, the acquisition or homemade pad of paper quality requirements, such as thickness is not enough, or improper storage, buckling deformation, assembly or don't pay attention to clean, stained with dust and impurities. These are the reasons for oil leakage.

3. The quality of the joint surface itself, which is mainly determined by the accuracy of the processing equipment itself and the storage and transportation conditions. If the instrument has high precision, static bonding surface flatness, roughness can reach the requirement of design drawings and in storage and transportation in the process of attention to prevent bump, it is not difficult to achieve static bonding surface is completely sealed. But due to some manufacturers of equipment precision and the level of technology is relatively is relatively low, storage conditions and management level can not fully guarantee no scratches.

4, maintenance operation technology is not bad. The diesel generator set in general in order to self-study based, due to repair technology can not keep up, self-study often appear this or that problem, especially dismantling machine pay no attention to the method, lack of special tools, the part deformation, or even damage. Because of the deformation of the parts, causing leakage. At present, the general method of removing with main bearing seat cover mounting bolts, screwed into the main bearing seat cover diagonal disassembling screw hole, top main bearing seat cover. It is very difficult to achieve the two bolts in the process of assembly, which is the main cause of the main bearing block deformation.125 kva generator set supplier malaysia

     So what measures can prevent it?

1, the demolition process should be taken to synchronize the operation method, such as two people at the same time, as far as possible to do the same.

2, the sealing adhesive, sealing, leak proof, can play the role of fastening and plugging the gap, to prevent leakage of oil to.

3, a condition of the place as far as possible the use of a pull out, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of synchronization.

125 kva generator set supplier malaysia